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Hello,,, Thank you for visiting my website. 

As a young girl I was always fascinated with dreamcatchers and the legends behind them. I grew up in the Southwest around a lot of Native Americans, there are many reservations around the Albuquerque New Mexico area and I had many friends who lived on them so I learned from friends and their family what the different colors and what many of the symbols meant. 

Today we make dreamcatchers not for the reasons they were intended, but more for there beauty and intricate webs and colorful feathers and beads.  I invite you to look through my picture gallery where you will find more traditional dreamcatchers as well as sports colors and dreamcatchers that light up the day with color. Every one of these was hand made by myself with the love and care of a mother. I hope you find one that pleases your eye and you have many happy dreams to come.

Always, Patricia H.

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